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Labour – rebuilding Dunstable Northfields for the many, not the few…
Kevin Flint.jpg
Kevin Flint

Kevin has lived in Dunstable for 15 years with his family. During this time he has seen homelessness increase in our town and will fight for affordable housing for the people of Dunstable.

Kevin is committed to ensuring that his three young children have a vibrant and prosperous town to live in. He believes it is vital we invest in local services that will benefit the whole community.

Julian Mockridge.jpg
Julian Mockridge

Julian and his family have lived in Dunstable for 12 years. He is currently working for the NHS in Dunstable and has seen, first-hand, the effects of national austerity cuts in local social services. He supports vulnerable people in the community and, when elected, is determined to positively challenge the council to improve the local services.

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