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Labour – rebuilding Dunstable Watling for the many, not the few…
Trudi Kleanthous.jpg
Trudi Kleanthous

Trudi has lived in South West Dunstable for five years with her husband and youngest son.

She says; “I feel privileged to live in a town that has so much to offer, especially the easy access to our beautiful countryside.”

Trudi feels passionately about Dunstable and is keen to be a part of building a more positive future for the town and its residents. She believes that the Labour Party have the vision and energy to deliver this. Trudi’s career has mainly been focused on social housing, and she is involved in several local initiatives to help those most in need of support.

She says; “It saddens me that we still have so many vulnerable people who do not have access to decent housing, financial support and medical services to meet their needs.

Roger Pepworth.jpg
Roger Pepworth

Roger, a retired headteacher, has lived with his family in the local area for nearly 30 years. He wants to be a strong voice on the council for the residents of Dunstable Watling, and has vowed to fully represent concerns they may have for the local area.

He says; “I will not be putting up with any nonsense when serving as your Central Bedfordshire councillor. I will ensure money is spent wisely and that council policies are scrutinised closely."

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