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Labour – rebuilding Leighton Buzzard for the many, not the few…
Rob Connelly
Rob Connelly

Rob has lived in the Milton Keynes area for over 30 years, the last ten in Central Beds. He worked in software development, firstly in the steel industry and then for the Open University.

He says; "I joined the Labour Party to oppose the unnecessary cuts associated with austerity, in particular their disproportionate effect on local government.

Chris Northedge-sm.jpg
Chris Northedge

Chris has lived in Leighton Buzzard for 12 years. An engineering graduate, he worked for the Ford Motor Co. for 36 years as a Senior Systems Analyst, involving detailed examination of business and Engineering problem situations. He developed software systems and has written books on history.

Since retiring, he now works as a volunteer at Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, restoring Victorian carriages and wagons, leaving plenty of time for representing residents.

Chris says; “Housing and Transport are issues I am very keen to action. The people of Leighton Buzzard need a councillor who will be available to hear their problems and will actively work for them. If I am elected, I am very keen to do that.”

Adrian Heffernan
Adrian Heffernan

Adrian has lived in Leighton Buzzard for over 40 years, both his children having attended local schools before going to university.

Once elected, Adrian will influence the Council, particularly focusing on the appalling service from the local Health Authority as it woefully fails the  growing needs of the residents.

Adrian says; "How often have you contacted your surgery, only to be told that you can see a doctor/nurse in four weeks’ time? How often have you phoned, only to be told you are number 25 in a queue; when you finally you get through, the few vacant slots have been taken?

"Enough is enough. We pay our taxes and our National Insurance contributions, and we demand that resources are put in place to meet the growing needs of the town. They say it’s a national problem; it’s not – it’s a Leighton Buzzard problem. The solution is funding; together with no more planning applications granted for large estates until we have adequate health services in place."

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