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Labour – rebuilding Parkside for the many, not the few…
Toni Ryan

Antonia was elected councillor for Parkside in Houghton Regis, her home town, in 2015.  As a councillor, she most enjoys working with other like-minded people who want to make a difference locally. She says; “The enthusiasm from the community keeps me motivated, as does seeing change happen and fighting to improve lives for the people who are most in need. This consists of highlighting issues not only to the Council, but also to the public on cuts to early help, lack of social mobility, the impacts to schools due to change in funding. In all these areas I have managed to gain support and acknowledgement through the council. Most of our progressive strategies locally have been overshadowed by the current cuts and funding difficulties imposed by this right-wing  government.”

Toni fits her council duties around full time employment for an organisation that represents the employment rights and conditions of global transport workers' unions. “Fighting for peoples’ rights is at the core of everything I do,” she says.

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